Zemun (Trailer) (2021)

  • Trailer
  • 2min

After learning from his younger brother, Pashka, about their Father’s mysterious death, Yegor returns to his native village after many years of absence. It turns out that the entire inheritance, a farm with a small livestock of cows and a piece of land, has to be sacrificed to pay his father’s debts to the local entrepreneur Gleb. Pashka is dead set against killing the cows and selling the land to Gleb. So Pashka manages to lead the whole herd away in an unknown direction, under the cover of night. The conflict between siblings sends us back to the biblical story of Cain and Abel, making the film truly universal. The resolution of this conflict is unconventional and surprising. Facing mystical forces and meeting the ancient goddess becomes the final challenge for the protagonist.

Production Company

Rock Films