The Last Mark (2021)

  • Industry Selects, Thriller
  • 1h 25m
  • Canada

A self-loathing ,aging hitman, Keele (50s), is tasked to kill a witness who can finger him and his partner, Palmer (30s), in a recent murder. Keele soon learns his new mark, Peyton (20s), might be his estranged daughter. Conflicted, Keele figures he can’t pull the trigger until he’s certain so he abducts Peyton in an attempt to protect her from his maniacal associate. Holed up in a safe house, Keele waits for Peyton’s paternity test results from friend and fixer, Eli (50s). But every minute spent with Peyton is a challenge Keele never envisaged: she’s uncooperative, unappreciative; an unrelenting pain in his ass. In fact, she’s exactly like Keele. Now, as Palmer works to track them down, Keele struggles with this new parental responsibility of keeping her alive. Whether she’s his daughter or not, she acts like a carbon copy of the person he hates the most: himself.

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Reem Morsi

International Sales Agent

Hyde Park International