The Formula for Water (Trailer) (2021)

  • Trailer
  • 2min

The Formula for Water is an adventure film with the elements of a comedy. Here is the mix of fantastic artificial islands, and the romance of pirates’ adventures and the bright circus and illusion world. The events of the film take place five hundred years after a man-made disaster, as a result of which the whole planet is covered with a vast ocean of salt water. The main character is Dana who sets off on a journey in order to find her father, however, as a result, she saves the planet and finds her love. Dana is one of the last people, and only she can turn on the installation process which is capable to return the land. Dana is helped by a traveling illusionist, whose name is Mago, with a team of circus performers. So they resist the pirates together. But, in conclusion, they unite with the pirates to fight against the ruthless Umrun, who is starving for undivided power over the planet, and, thus, he launches a terraforming installation.

Production Company

SMF Studio (Soyuzmultfilm)