The Black Square (2021)

  • Market Screening, Comedy
  • 1h 40m
  • Germany

Vincent, a struggling art-thief and failed artist, stole Malewitsch’s legendary abstract painting the “Black Square”. The sale and handover to a Russian Oligarch and his designated art expert Martha is set to take place on a cruise ship. When Vincent and his younger partner Nils realize that their principal accomplice will not show-up to provide the boarding tickets and fake ID’s, they desperately overbear two men in order to sneak their way onto the ship. To their horror they quickly learn that their victims are part of the cruise ship’s entertainment act. Desperate not to blow their cover, Vincent and Nils take on their roles as David Bowie and Elvis Presley doubles. It does not take long until various crew members discover their true identities and the value of their loot. A wild goose chase for the “Black Square” breaks loose in the belly of the cruise ship…

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Peter Meister

International Sales Agent

Picture Tree International GmbH