Finding Angel (2018)

  • Market Screening, Drama
  • 1h 54m
  • Korea

For the 17th year, around Christmas every December, the phone rings at the Dong office in Nosong-dong. An angel without a face who disappears after leaving the location of the donation box and saying, “Please use it for those in need.” This year, old people living alone in Nosong-dong express their gratitude to the faceless angel. Waiting for the warm-hearted angel.Then one day, a writer Ji-hoon appears in Nosong-dong who wants to write about a faceless angel. Jihun is helping elderly people who live alone, and he’s starting to observe the residents.

The “faceless angel” becomes convinced that he is one of the villagers. Cheonji, who runs a junk shop, and the residents of Nosong-dong surrounding him, Ji-hoon’s secret and faceless angel will be revealed!

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Seong-jun Kim

International Sales Agent

CMNIX Co., Ltd.