Blue Eyes (2021)

  • Market Screening, Thriller
  • 1h 26m
  • France, Italy

Rome. A solo robber who never misses a shot and who always rides a different motorcycle after every, ever-successful robbery, is the talk of the town; however, the police commissioner called on the case doesn’t know which way to turn. He asks for help to a Parisian friend known as “The Frenchman”, notorious for having solved apparently impossible cases. He understands that the brain behind the robberies is a blue-eyed, ordinary woman beyond suspicion: her name is Valeria and she’s a math genius who knows Roman traffic like the back of her hand. By robbing, she wants to prove her worth. Fascinated by her, the chase will becoming a challenging game for the Frenchman, a game with unforseeable consequences.

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Michela Cescon

International Sales Agent

Rai Com