Beyond the Skies (Preview) (2021)

  • Market Screening, War, Drama
  • 14min
  • China

To be or not to be is the question that Beyond the Skies asks. The war film follows a young soldier named Hong Qichen, who trudges through the bloodstained ruins in his deadly mission to blow up the enemy’s ammunition depot within 48 hours. He puts together a squad of wounded soldiers in the treacherous mountains for a knock-down drag-out fight. Questioning whether their sacrifices are worth it, his brothers in arms fall in front of his eyes. The mission gets harder and harder to complete as time passes. Those who believe persist; others sink into the abyss of history. A pilgrimage to death, Beyond the Skies tells a heart-breaking utopian story during the Chinese Civil War, embodying poetics of Chinese cinema.

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LIU Zhihai

Production Company

China Academy of Art


Chinese dialect